The below rules are in place aboard the Excelsior.

The Game Master recognises and acknowledges that, first and foremost, the game is an amalgamation of its members. The most important aspect, as well as the most valuable resource is the membership. The first goal of the game leadership should always be to protect and serve the members, followed closely by a drive to meet their needs and wants as much as possible.

Every member is valuable, and has a right to be treated as such, free of undue bias and disregard. So long as they desire to remain a valuable addition to the game and do not abuse the right, then every member has the right to be here.

All members regardless of rank or position shall be held accountable under the same standards of conduct. All indictments, trials and subsequent punishments will make no distinction between members based on rank, position or tenure on the Excelsior.

All players have the right to own their own characters, the right to have their characters respected by others, and the right to not have those characters used without their approval.

All players have the right to take a leave of absence from their game(s) and/or position(s), without fear of loss of rank, when they have real life commitments to which they must attend.

Every member has the right to a fair and impartial system of justice.

Any member may approach his superiors with issues and complaints he is currently facing without harm. Complaints can always be sent to the direct superior of the member. If the complaint involves that superior, the complaint should follow the chain of command.

Every member has the right to be adequately acknowledged and rewarded for time, activity and efforts, and shall not be denied adequate and timely recognition based on personal bias and prejudice of their superiors. All rewards and recognitions are given according to merit.

All Excelsior writers are entitled to a harassment-free environment, where they are not discriminated against in any out of character environment due to religion, skin color, nation, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristic.