A Few Things

Posted on Wednesday February 20th, 2013 @ 3:31am by Captain Peter Gardner

New Players

I'd like to welcome back Robert, who played Excelsior's Marine Commanding Officer. He was the one, who attempted to get everyone back together, for a roll call on the forums and I am really pleased he decided to stay with us.

I'd also like to welcome Fiona. Fiona is going to be playing a rather angry Bajoran and she is going to be an excellent addition to the new history we are creating together for the Excelsior C.

I am extremely excited about the prospective simming future of this sim and so far, received lots of interest, so please expect more announcements in the coming days.


One another thing. I'd like to actively encourage everyone to create their own NPC's. I myself have created a character for the First Sergeant position. Character openings that don't normally get taken are fine to be used for NPC players and this is a great way to have more to write with and gives more avenues for us writers to interact with each other.

OOC Discussion

I'd like some opinions from everyone regarding how they wish to go about OOC Discussion. I have two options (some of you may have different ones, which is great). The first one involves setting up a phpBB forum on our domain, install a shoutbox of sorts onto the forums (for instant chat) and use the forum software to engage in OOC chat. Or use Nova. By adding a mission that is just called OOC. What does everyone think about this?

Anyway, happy writing, if anyone would like a JP with me on their arrival great. I've made two posts and will intend to make two more before the week is out, so please get something in! I am dying to read :P




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