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New Player and Updates

Posted on Friday March 1st, 2013 @ 8:00am by Captain Peter Gardner

Please all welcome Melissa. Melissa is a friend of Fiona (our one and only Bajoran :P) and Craig (our Vulcan Security Officer :P). She is playing a Romulan character. And the for the first mission, she is going to be an Exchange Officer. I am very excited with having a Romulan on the game, as back in the day I was one of the few active Romulan players and even GMed a few Romulan Simulations.

I said to Craig that I was in the process of waiting for another application and I offered him the Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer position. Despite that, he has posted consistently and well. As such, he will be now moving up to the Chief Security and Tactical Officer position but this won't take effect IC until a bit later on in the mission.

I am loving the Briefing JP at the minute, just about to get to that before I go to bed!



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