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Removals & Promotion

Posted on Sunday June 16th, 2013 @ 1:32am by Captain Peter Gardner

Unfortunately today I have had to removal 4 players. Fiona, who played our Executive Officer, Craig who played our Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Melissa who played our resident Romulan spook and Harry who played our resident Diplomat.

This has come due to a period of inactivity and subsequent no contact, but I know real life can sometimes take you away from our 'second lives' as it were. Fiona, Craig, Melissa and Harry, thank you very much for your time served and for assistance you provided to me, it has been invaluable and I do very much look forward to your return to the Excelsior, if that is your wish.

Please join me in congratulating Cory on his promotion to Chief Security and Tactical Officer. Well done.

I am open to internal applications for the vacant Executive Officer spot, but I am offering it out to External applicants as well, so please feel free to apply by dropping me a PM of your request and I'll get back to you. For the time being, Josh, who plays Aurin Koll is hereby Acting XO



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