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New CMO and New Mission

Posted on Friday August 23rd, 2013 @ 1:57am by Captain Peter Gardner

Hi everyone,

Earlier on, I was approached by our very own Fiona and she stated that she would be interested in the position of Chief Medical Officer, swapping from her position as Chief Flight Control Officer to Chief Medical Officer. Also, Fiona will be starting JP's up with all of us to get our medical's under way etc :) so give us all some time with our new attractive CMO

Also, if we can get our JP's finished by the weekend and I'm going to start the next mission! I'm hopeful that you will all enjoy it but I am open to side-storylines that anyone may wish to come up with, things that may affect the ship as a whole etc.

And as always, please drop me a message if there are any questions or just want a chat.



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Category: General News