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Posted on Thursday February 21st, 2013 @ 12:30am by Captain Peter Gardner

Hi All,

I want to know each of your opinions on something. I want an OOC area for us to discuss things etc. Can everyone send me their thoughts and which they'd prefer:

Forums - I am on another sim that uses phpBB forum software to facilitate OOC discussion. They also have whats akin to a shoutbox on the top, that allows for a group IM chat basically. The Boards they have are as follows:

Simm Announcements
Fleet and TF Announcements
Website Updates

Simm Development
Mission Development
Character Development

Ask a Question
General Chat

We can add or streamline that if needs be.


OOC Mission group - I've seen this work well and I've seen this not work so well.

Another idea, is another of my sims, we all have a group chat on Skype. That works well and seems to keep us entertained.

If anyone has other ideas please drop me an e-mail ( and please add me on Skype. Its the IM I use and as its about to replace Windows Live Messenger, I would assume everyone has it? If not, can you all please get it :) I would be a very grateful.

Thanks again



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Category: General News