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Posted on Wednesday November 20th, 2013 @ 2:11am by Captain Peter Gardner

Today, I was in the Bravo Fleet chatroom and I received some very nice compliments from the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer.

JonM: Btw, just as an FYI, I'm incredibly impressed by the depth of your manifest Bobby, especially the fact you've got so many NPCs *with* character information rather than just empty

He also congratulated me on my promotion and I said that was surprised and he said:

JonM: Not a surprise to those of us that watch from the outside. You've been doing a great job over there. I'm glad to see its clicked.

And whilst those comments are directed at me, I'd be NOTHING if it wasn't for all of you. I've tried so many times, to be a successful game master/Simm CO and its never happened. This, has. I'm enjoying it. I love writing with all of you and its just plain fun. Its not hard work. This simm has been going now for over 9 months. I feel very privilaged to of been writing with all you for some, all or part of that time. Thank you.



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