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Excelsior - We have many stories left untold...

Posted on Monday January 5th, 2015 @ 1:39am by Commander Adren Noth

Hello crew,

The Excelsior has no ordinary name. Her name carries infinite weight as some of the greats have, over the years, come to call her home. Captain Hikaru Sulu commanded her in the 90s, along with a naïve Science Officer that we have come to know as Tuvok. She went toe-to-toe with the Klingons, explored the depths of the gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant, and played a pivotal role in assisting the USS Enterprise-A in preventing the assassination of the Federation President at the Khitomer Conference. She has saved lives. Built great men and women. And gone where no one had gone before.

These events have made history; these events are held by anyone who now calls the Excelsior home. We have had radio silence for far too long. We have jumped around between missions, and frankly we have far too many loose ends. Too many stories left untold. Too many character left unexplored. But, as the Excelsior name defines, we are about becoming something better – it is the journey. Over the next few days some changes are in order. We will take a new direction, with an old heart, with one message, a message we have always held dear; to move, “Ever Upward!”

Our Captain, our leader, our friend –Bobby, is back and ready to sail the Excelsior banner with us once again. In the words of Leonard McCoy, “My God, that’s a big ship,” to which Montogmery Scott replied, “Not so big as her Captain, I think.” Well, our Captain fills those big boots might well, I think –and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The time of idle thought is behind us. Bobby or I will be posting a JP soon, just to get our juices flowing in a social setting; but, expect a fun and exciting mission to follow…

So say, Excelsior!

Commander Adren Bahrat Noth,
USS Excelsior, XO


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by on Thursday January 15th, 2015 @ 12:00am

Hear, hear!