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We’re going back!

Posted on Wednesday January 21st, 2015 @ 12:18am by Commander Adren Noth

The USS Excelsior once held a significant presence in the Delta Quadrant, as a force to be reckoned with. She has a notable history as a ship of Task Force 38 line. With the increased reports of Vaadwaur activity, she is now being recalled to the area of space that has shaped her crew and toughened her haul.

We will once again take our place, “To stand upon one world and look out upon the next…”

Since Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon; since S'task and Karatek left Vulcan in the great Exodus Arks; since Captain Vex unlocked the secrets of space travel for a primitive Trill, this has been the motto of all explorers.

And because of that, beings from across the galaxy have joined together under the banner of Federation, impelled by curiosity and a thirst for seeking the strange and unknown. Working side by side, we ask and have been asked the same and powerful question: "What's out there?" Task Force 38 intends to answer that question in the Delta Quadrant.

The Delta Quadrant has a new evil, and I know we have what it takes.

So, we are going back boys, and the opportunity is yours!

New orders and details pending; stay tuned.


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