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Another Real Life Drama

Posted on Wednesday June 17th, 2015 @ 3:58am by Captain Peter Gardner

Hi all,

Again, accept my sincerest of apologies for going dark again. My daughters mother fell ill, which resulted in looking after my daughter before and after work, and on any and all days off. Family have been difficult in helping me, but thats life.

Things have stabilzied and I'd like to begin writing again with you all, something I have missed terribly and I fully intend to throw myself back into. If you are willing to stick around, let me know asap. I'll give you till Friday 6pm London Time to let me know if you intend to stay. I fully appreciate that some of you may chose to take your characters else where, which I would fully expect you all to do and I'd be happy to help find you somewhere new.

I'm going to be working on several posts with all the Senior Staff that will bring us to the Delta Quadrant at the end of each. If anyone else wants to JP with me, please feel free to set one up using Nova!



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