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Welcome and Updates

Posted on Saturday June 27th, 2015 @ 2:22am by Captain Peter Gardner

Please join me in welcoming Reade to the family. Reade will be joining us the Chief Intelligence Officer and taking up the position of Second Officer! Please jump straight in and any help you need, you've got my email :)

Now some updates for you. I have one more application to approve in the coming days, which I'll keep you updated about.

With Reade, that brings us up to 6 and technically active but I'd like to see a couple more positions filled!

In terms of where we are in game, assume we haven't yet left Faltan Station in Task force 93's area and that we are still heading to the Delta Quadrant.

I'll be making a post and perhaps a few JP's are in order?

As always, my email inbox is at your disposal!



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Category: General News