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From the Desk of the CO

Posted on Monday December 14th, 2015 @ 4:29am by Captain Peter Gardner

Hi everyone,

As a measure to stay current and keep us all on point I want to post a weekly/biweekly Command Address; a memo of sorts from the command desk of the Excelsior. Bahrat or I will post a “News Item” weekly/biweekly just to give us a status update on canon direction, to applaud our many skilled writers and just to inform on general operations. We hope you’ll look forward to this little news items and get excited about the direction that our rich Task Force is heading in. Also, I think as our own community, be setting up our own monthly or bi-monthly award system, any advice on this please PM Bahrat and I or any help you provide us with perhaps a voting system, would be great.

In this address, I would like to give attention to several of our fantastic crewmates, Commander Adren Bahrat Noth and our TFCO himself, Lieutenant Ashlana Mahjere. If you haven’t already read their exciting introduction to the Excelsior crew give it a read as it was very well written. Both have recently been awarded several metals in the Bravo Fleet: Hall of Honour. I would like to welcome you all in extending my pleasure in calling them apart of our crew and applaud their accomplishments. I was extremely happy when Bahrat decided to return to the Excelsior. Not only is he a great writer but he is fast becoming a good friend! He was awarded the Task Force 38 Player of the Month and he also received the Silver Star Citation. Sean (Ashlana) was awarded the Writing Proficiency Ribbon for his JP with Bahrat and the Community Recognition Ribbon! Congratulation to you both!

The Excelsior is in a very exciting place right now. We will be leading the charge against the Borg who has devastated the Federation present in the Delta Quadrant. In the coming missions we will see some stable canon “landmarks” fade into the darkness and some new ones take root as we regain hope in this ever unstable quadrant. This weekend I would like to clue up our current running JP; so if you haven’t posted yet, please do. We have accomplished a lot here; gained two new crew members, got through the hub and engaged the Borg. In our next JP we will be in combat, dealing with the serious Borg threat. During this time we will be given an order from the TFCO, an order that will have repercussions for months ahead (a pivotal point in overall TF canon). So, please stay tuned for this stirring moment!

Also, if you know someone who might be interested in join our ranks get them in touch with me.

And on a final note, if you or someone you know has received an award please let me know. We have some fantastic writers amongst us and you all deserve a shout out! Here’s to us!



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