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Posted on Tuesday July 26th, 2016 @ 10:37pm by Captain Peter Gardner

Hi everyone,

There have been some changes to do with the website, but I want to share with you the reasons for all this upheaval for those that don't know.

Basically, we have been hosted with James Heaney, who owns the domain. James was a former CO of our Excelsior and he bought the domain back then. Whilst James has been hosting us, I've been unable to get to the backend to sort out the database issues that we have been suffering with, as that would give me the access to all his other stuff. James runs a highly successfully audio drama around his Excelsior and there are some resources (which has expressed not being able to explain why) which sit on our domain that his audio drama heavily relies on and has done for a long time. As such, he is unable to simply transfer the domain to a new host.

He has tried several solutions to resolve this, but he is unable to. A while ago, I purchased a new domain, which is The new site, now resides here The old domain will, when James gets online he will be doing a redirection for anyone going to the .com domain.

For some of us, me included, this is going to be a big change, something I really didn't want to happen, but it has and its the only solution that is presenting itself to us.

The old sub-domain, will also automatically redirect to our new site.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me regarding me this.



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