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Major Zeleny Novacek

Name Zeleny Novacek

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42
Nicknames "Tianglong" & "Zeke"

Physical Appearance

Height 188 cm
Weight 86.1 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Zeleny is above average size for a human and he uses that size to his advantage to physically intimidate people when necessary. Klingons however are rarely intimidated by his size, so he’s complimented that with an intense stare that he’s carefully developed over the years, it was especially useful for putting upstart academy cadets in their place during his years as a flight instructor at the academy. He’s lost a few body parts while in the line of duty, but nothing that couldn’t be cloned and grafted back into place. He has a single tattoo: Chinese calligraphy reading “Tianlong” on his upper right arm superimposed over a golden rising sun, a relic of sorts from his first tour as a marine fighter pilot.


Father Vladislav Novacek (deceased)
Mother Lida Novacek (deceased)
Brother(s) Mikhail Novacek (deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zeleny is a very straight forward man and appreciates it when people are direct with him, maneuvering the social vagaries of various cultures and inter-personal relationships are annoying to him – as such he really dislikes politicians, spooks, and counselors (though he at least recognizes a counselor’s usefulness), which explains his unbroken streak of unsuccessful and failed relationships. He’s rough around the edges, tries to intimidate people, but for all his gruffness he’s only trying to look out for everyone’s safety – because he cares deep down, he just won’t show it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Zeleny works well under pressure owing to his myriad experiences in combat. His Fight or Flight response is geared mostly towards Fight, he is not timid and is well prepared to make snap judgments favoring violence as a means to complete his goals. Zeleny is almost single-minded in his pursuit of mission objectives, and while he is aware of a bigger picture, he tends to focus on the here and now rather than the long-view. He does prefer a peaceful solutions to conflict however when push-comes-to-shove Zeleny is like a bulldozer. While he may appear callous and unsocial, he values the lives and well being of those under his command, but he also understands that in combat life is a resource like any other that should be spent wisely to further the mission, and has no qualms about sending people to their death when he deems it necessary.
Ambitions Following the Dominion War, Zeleny's ambitions were few. Some have thought of him as a shell, whose soul had been eaten away by war. Others think his shell is a way to protect his feelings after having been hurt during the course of war. To Zeleny, he is merely a man who was honed into a weapon forged in the flames of warfare and hardened by the blood of his enemies. He exists to protect the lives and ideals of the Federation. Continuing that purpose is ultimately what drives him forward, and ironically what holds him back as well.
Hobbies & Interests Zeleny spends much of his free time doing one of five things (not in any particular order): swimming, drinking, fencing, building life-sized historical aircraft (in the holodeck), and being grouchy. Many years ago he finished a degree in aerospace engineering but has never really put it to any professional use since then, he is loathe to ask for any engineering help so he tends to tinker with things best left to the engineering crew. As a former marine pilot he is a highly skilled aviator, navigator, and soldier.

Personal History Zeleny's father, Vladislav Novacek, was convinced he hailed from Prussian aristocracy; disgruntled from his lot on Earth as a seedy holonovel editor, he uprooted his family and settled with the fledgling agricultural colony on Solarion IV. Zeleny was born a year later. After the colonial governor stepped down Vladislav earned the appointment, becoming - in a sense - King of the Solarion IV, fueling his delusion further.

Zeleny and his brother Mikhail were home tutored in unusual subjects such as fencing, horseback riding, and archery, as well as more mundane subjects: ancient earth literature and music. While Zeleny knew very little about a hard day's work, and was given every reasonable luxury, he felt very much like a prisoner - a prisoner of his father's delusion. Zeleny spent much of his free time in the undeveloped wilderness surrounding the capitol settlement of Ambrose, he admired the wild animals of Solarion IV particularly the flyers, and imagined himself flying away from the settlement, from the planet, and flittering between the stars and planets like a butterfly.

As Zeleny matured he became obsessed with escaping Solarion IV - he had just witnessed his older brother Mikhail become enveloped in his father's administration, giving up on his dreams to be an artist and instead settle for some stuffy bureaucracy job. Zeleny refused to succumb to that. He stowed away on merchant transports on two different occasions, both unsuccessful. He ran away to another settlement but even there he was recognized. Despite the scolding and punishments, Zeleny was undeterred.

He made repeated attempts to join Starfleet Academy, but his scores were too low for admittance. Finally his big opportunity came when he was accepted to the University of Minos Korva. Despite his father's objections, he left Solarion IV and never looked back. Unfortunately Zeleny found he had no purpose left in life, escaping Solarion IV was all that mattered to him and now that he was free he had no idea what to do. He foolishly chose Aerospace Engineering because of a girl he fancied his first year. Despite the relationship never working out he managed to narrowly graduate.

Just as Zeleny began to find a new purpose for his life tensions with the Cardassian Union flared up, and in a bid to turn the Federation against Bajoran terrorists a Cardassian force destroyed the Solarion IV colony. Though he hated living there, Solarion IV was technically home and now it and his family were gone; his emotional response to the news surprised even him. Blinded by rage Zeleny quickly enlisted so he could strike back. However before he could get his chance the unthinkable happened, peace broke out. The Cardassians and Federation signed a peace treaty robbing him of any chance for exacting justice.

Now he was stuck in the marines. Showing initial potential among his company Zeleny was admitted to Officer Candidate School. It provided him with purpose at least. During this time, after successfully crash landing a troop transport hopper when the pilot succumbed to wild floral poisoning, he expressed interest in flying. With an acceptable aptitude he followed up with Flight Training School - it allowed an outlet for his pent up emotional outrage and that gave him focus. He graduated second in his class and was given his choice of assignments.

His first assignment as a pilot was with the VMA-117 "Daybreaker" squadron aboard the USS Dammerung tasked primarily with colonial air patrols, interdicting smugglers, and guarding against new Maquis terrorism. He cut his teeth on the well established Peregrine-class fighter. If anything he was close to his home turf (even if it was on the wrong side of the border) and there was a chance to "bump" into Cardassians.

During a mission to escort a relief supply convoy near the badlands, the Maquis ambushed the convoy with two dozen fighters, faster and more maneuverable than the Peregrine-class Zeleny’s squadron flew. The convoy was in a tight formation and the Maquis used that to their advantage by using the ships as shields against Zeleny’s squadron. Zeleny’s squadron leader Major Wei Le’s after-action report stated “Zeleny’s Peregrine snaked between the convoy elements with a fluid grace I didn’t think possible, the way he moved and his lethality reminded me of a dragon.” After which Zeleny unofficially gained the callsign “Tianlong.”

Conflict with the Klingons erupted with their withdrawal from the Khitomer Accords. Almost instantly Zeleny and his squadron were called to action. Colonial worlds fell under Klingon depredation as the armada pushed into Cardassian territory. Zeleny and his squadron were tasked with driving off Klingon raiders, both in the skies and on the ground.

As the conflicts with the Klingons segued into war with the Dominion and the death toll escalated, Zeleny developed a cold detachment to the death and killing around him. Whether he flew close-air support, or fought planet-side from a foxhole, he approached each mission with an almost disturbingly calm detachment. Worried about his pilot’s mental health, Major Wei Le ordered Zeleny to visit the ship’s counselor on a weekly basis, and his behavior hindered his opportunities for advancement.

With the heavy losses incurred by the end of the Dominion War – and the loss of the USS Dammerung at Chintoka, VMA-117 was dispersed to reinforce other squadrons in the area. Zeleny was transferred to VMF-247 "Silberwind" squadron aboard the USS Tempest tasked with colonial patrol and security of the Cardassian-Federation border. He was back hunting raiders and smugglers, and generally making life safer for the frontier.

A new opportunity arrived in 2381. Zeleny was offered the chance to become a flight instructor at Starfleet Academy. Initially Zeleny was enthused by the prospect, he’d seen too many pilots killed in the war, he could provide them with real-world, hard-earned wisdom and experience. Of course Zeleny’s brand of flight training often put the cadets in unexpected situations they were grossly unprepared for. After countless complaints from cadets and staff, Zeleny’s enthusiasm quickly wore away. He earned himself a reputation as a fierce and uncompromising flight instructor, and his students routinely held the highest performance ratings.

After four years the academy commandant had enough of butting heads with Zeleny and his dangerous, sometimes reckless approach to instruction. Following an incident involving the disqualification of a Red Squad cadet from the Rigel Cup competition, Zeleny soon found new orders waiting in his quarters. He was being transferred to a test flight squadron at Proxima, ostensibly named the “Lawndart” Squadron.

For over a year Zeleny consulted on the design of next generation fighter craft and test flew test and prototype units. Despite all that, for him, flying had become “routine.” Seeking new adventure he requested transfer aboard an exploratory vessel, preferably within the frontiers of the Delta Quadrant. His request was accepted by Captain Kestra J'Naya, commander USS Excelsior, in 2385 with an alarming caveat: Zeleny had to trade in his marine commission for a fleet commission. This in part due to her aversion to the Marine department, however she was the only commanding officer willing to take Zeleny aboard, so he acquiesced to her demand, reminding her however that his rank may change but he shall always be a marine. Shortly after assuming his new post as Chief Flight Control Officer, Admiral Karapleedeez countermanded Captain J'Naya's orders and reverted Zeleny to his marine rank and assigned him to Marine Commanding Officer, where (as the only marine officer aboard), he also oversaw the operations of the marine fighter squadron "Renegades", and assumed flight control shifts on the bridge.

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Service Record 2346
Born, Solarion IV
Applied, Starfleet Academy, Rejected
Applied, Starfleet Academy, Rejected (again)
Attended University of Minos Korva
Graduated, Aerospace Engineering
Enlisted, Marines.
Attended Officer Candidate School
Received Commission
Attended Flight Training School
Assigned, VMA-117 "Daybreaker" Strike Squadron, USS Dammerung
Assigned, VMF-247 "Silberwind" Fighter Squadron, USS Tempest
Assigned, VT-21 “Moebius” Flight Training Squadron, Starfleet Academy
Assigned, VX-19 “Lawndarts” Test Flight Squadron, Proxima
Assigned, Chief flight Controller, USS Excelsior
Commission transferred to Lieutenant (jg)
Reassigned, Marine Commanding Officer, USS Excelsior
Commission restored to Marine 1st Lieutenant
Promoted to Marine Captain
Promoted to Marine Major
Reassigned, [REDACTED]