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Lieutenant JG Anna Courtier

Name Anna Maria Courtier

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Chameloid
Age 26
Nicknames Ann

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Anna is what people usually describe as pretty. That is less due to the fact that she inherited her mother's good genes and more due to the fact that she changed her appearance to what she looks like today over the course of many years.
Her straight blond hair falls pleasantly around her well formed face. Her intelligent silvery blue eyes glide over her surroundings with interest and most of the time they are shining with pure contentment. Her lips are almost always slightly curled upwards in a slight smile.
Her body is showing the effect of years of physical exercise and training in different martial arts forms. She is fit and lean.
Her appearance can shift slightly from day to day. One morning she might wake up and decide to wear her hair longer or shorter have it in another colour or she might change her skin tone or colouration or the colour of her eyes.


Father unknown Chameloid
Mother Maria Courtier (Human, 57 years, painter)
Brother(s) Christian Martin Courtier (Human, 28 years, writer)
Sister(s) Eva Selina Courtier (Human, 24 years, stone carver)
Other Family Martin Courtier (Human, 59 years, step father, trades on the ferengy exchange)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maybe due to her Chameloid heritage, or just doe to her unsteady personality she can be nice or mean. Whatever is needed of her in the situation. She is very adaptable. On duty she is usually businesslike and serious. Of duty she can be playful, funny and childish. But that is not always the case.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strength lies with her determination. She is not the strongest, or the fastest, and neither is she the best shot or the best martial artist. But she is of course trained in all necessary abilities she needs in her everyday security work. It was her determination, or pigheaded stubbornness as her mother calls it, which brought her this far. The one skill that puts her apart from others is her Chameloid shifting abilities.
The changes of her physical appearance described further up are the only near instant changes to her body which she is capable of. While she can change the rest ot her body over time, and has done so in the past she is not able to do any of these changes instantly. Most shifts take her hours or even days.
Her skill in camouflage is enough to fool even the most acute eyes.
Her abilities extend to her clothes and any equipment she might be carrying. Her abilities do not extend to larger objects such as for example other people.
Ambitions She is looking forward to proving herself in the face of danger and adversity and one day wants to have her own ship with a hand picked crew.
Hobbies & Interests She likes music and plays the piano herself. While she is not as good as she would like to be she is quite talented.

Personal History Her Parents met when they were still very young. They had a relationship on and of for most of their adult lives. During their twenties they started getting more serious and married when their first child was on the way. Two years after their first child they had Anna. During the pregnancy they learned that Anna was not completely human. A fact that was explained later, when it became obvious that the young Anna could change her body at will. Her parents never talked much about how it had happened. They seemed content with just pushing the fact aside and raising the the bundle of joy which Anna was as if she was no different from her older half brother and her younger half sister.
When she grew up her ability to shift was reduced over time and finally she was mostly able to change the colour of her body. The loss of ability to shift her body was attributed to her half human ancestry and her bone structure becoming more rigid as she grew up and matured.
Growing up in San Francisco she always saw Starfleet officers around town and developed a fascination with the organization. She wanted to be one of those people out there, saving the day while flying about in large spaceships. And with a lot of determination she fought her way into and through the Academy. After she had graduated the Captain of the USS Triconderoga actually asked for her to be assigned to his ship. She stayed there for about two years and left only because there were no positions available for her new rank and if she wanted to rise higher in Starfleet she would have to take up new challenges. So she applied for a transfer and was assigned to the USS Excelsior.
Service Record She served on the USS Triconderoga for two years before getting promoted to *Rank*.