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Lieutenant Commander Nomi Bernard

Name Nomi Bernard

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ekahl
Age 76
Nicknames Nome

Physical Appearance

Height 66"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Brown with Blonde Highlights
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description She has a lithe body frame that she keeps in shape with a rigorous training schedule as well as her swimming hobby.

Her hair is usually kept up in a tight bun or in a french braid when it's long or wavy when she keeps it short. She doesn't see the point in Jewelry. Her natural complexion is usually all she goes with. However, she will wear minimal makeup, now that she no longer goes undercover.

A few scars dot across her body from her time during the civil war and escape from the chemical destruction of Ekahl.


Father Arik Bernard (deceased)
Mother Tali Neri (deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nomi is very outspoken around those that she knows. She is not afraid to hold her ground as she has been through a lot of trials before the destruction of Ekahl and the escape from the planet where they encountered the devastation of the Dominion before the Dominion War broke out in the Alpha Quadrant.

Most of inquiries into her past only get riddles or vague answers to where she came from and who she really is. She avoids large crowds and prefers to be alone most of the time. When she does warm up to the people that she serves with, she has quite a bubbly personality and lights up the room with an odd sense of humor that some people can get offended by. Only those who are the closest to her or have seen her personnel record believe her to be human, even though she is far from it. She has a tendency to get buried deep within her work, which Starfleet took advantage of and put her on a multitude of undercover classified assignments for Starfleet Intelligence.

Her blood runs blue and has an ocular and cochlear implants.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Excellence in anything she attempts and puts her mind to. Quick learner. Blends in well.

Weaknesses: Trying too hard and has problems with large crowds. Doesn't quit until the job is done.
Ambitions Justice to be served and everyone going home in one piece.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, Martial Arts, Combat, Strategies, Working on the History of her People.

Personal History Nomi was born and raised in the engineering sector on Ekahl, in the Gamma Quadrant. She had grown up snarky and bubbly working happily in her designated engineering field, even though she felt like she was meant for something more. After civil unrest led to civil war, every able skilled adult was tapped to serve the military and fight the opposite side - even if they were originally colleagues and friends. Here she received advanced combat training by her own people.

After a couple of decades of war, a biological attack was launched from both sides against the other side causing most of the Ekahl Northern and Southern populations to be decimated. Those that survived from both sides were found to be immune from both chemical attacks. Now that the survivors were in survival mode, there was no staying on Ekahl. Most don't remember why they went to war in the first place; they just remember the propaganda they were fed to fight for their sides.

The war killed what it meant for Nomi to be Nomi. She did, however, realize that being a soldier was what she was meant to be. She was a quick learner for the combat technologies and espionage against the Southern Territory. The atrocities of that civil war led the survivors to seek out a colony world to start over fresh. Only a couple of light years away from their home world, they encountered the Dominion. Only a handful of survivors survive the initial attacks.

In 2375, after the Dominion War was over, Starfleet re-entered the Gamma Quadrant and in doing so, stumbled upon their near derelict vessels and rescued them taking all the Ekahl survivors back to the Alpha Quadrant. The refugees spent a year within Starfleet's care as they learned how to acclimate to their new environment and species around them (they originally thought that they were alone). After extensive medical care and psychological treatment, each individual was either allowed to join Starfleet Academy or return to the civilian sector. Since Engineering was never really her passion, Nomi chose the former and enlisted immediately in Tactical Strategies. She is only one of two Ekahl who chose to enlist.

She spent her cadet cruise with her friend Adlyn. They did end up getting assigned to different ships post graduation. Nomi was first tapped by Starfleet Intelligence in 2381 a couple months before Adlyn had been. Nomi embraced being a soldier, and they took advantage of her infiltration skills.

Having spent many years as a soldier for Starfleet Intelligence, she realized that she hadn't liked all that she had been and wanted a more clandestine job. It took awhile and a demotion, but she found it on the USS Excelsior who was in need of a Chief Security and Tactical Officer.
Service Record Ekahl Service Record:
2335: Entrance to Engineering Sector
2345: Engineering Design - Space Structures
2362: Military Training - Infiltration, Espionage, and Sabotage
2362 - 2372: Infiltration, Espionage, Sabotage Soldier
Early 2372: Fled Ekahl

Starfleet Service Record:
2376 - 2379 - Starfleet Academy
2379: USS Mississippi - Cadet Cruise
2380 - 2381: USS Horizon - Ensign - Security Officer
2381 - 2388: Classified
2388 - Present: USS Excelsior - Lt. Commander - Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Starfleet Intelligence Service Record:
2381: Recruited to Starfleet Intelligence
3381 - 2382: Advanced Training
2382 - 2388: Classified - Ensign to Commander
2388: Honorably Discharged to normal Starfleet Service