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Commander Magnus Sterling

Name Magnus Alastair Sterling

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 180 cm
Weight 76 kg
Hair Color Light Brown/White
Eye Color Blue-Green
Physical Description Humans of the 24th century often live in excess of 100 years, and while Sterling may be getting on in years, he views himself as merely middle-aged. Of average height and proportion, Sterling cuts a fairly unassuming figure that is betrayed only by the wealth of experience behind his eyes. Sterling is fairly active and supports his continued health with regular physical fitness. His hair is of medium length with his natural hair color fading to white, and a matching beard.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sterling appears to radiate an aura of calm and composure in any situation, aided by a lifetime of lessons learned giving him confidence and insights spanning the breadth of human experience. He is quick to engender trust, and has become a valued confidant and adviser to many Starfleet officers over his long career -- giving credence to the suspicion that at any point in time Sterling knows far, far more than he ever lets on.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sterling's mind is his single greatest asset; he has a highly developed creative analytical methodology to his thinking, which has served him well in various aspects of his career. He has an above average aptitude for mathematics and engineering, and has a well-rounded education in the sciences. His greatest hindrance is his own body, Sterling is ever mindful of his physical limitations and wary that those limitations are slowly increasing day by day.
Ambitions While the vast majority of Sterling's contemporaries now outrank him considerably, he is quite content to remain at his rank. Loyal to Starfleet and the Federation, Sterling had retired twice before but when Starfleet was in dire need he readily returned to duty. As an officer he is committed to preserving the peace and defending the prosperity of the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Sterling has a fascination with Archaeology, digging and discovering physical artifacts from ages past excites him, and sleuthing the people who made them presents an irresistible challenge. He's also keen on keeping his mind sharp and will often talk shop with various crew members about their respective fields of expertise, and can be easily swayed into playing games. He also keeps a modest collection of artifacts.

Personal History The turn of the 24th century marked an unprecedented era of peace between the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empires, no longer were military concerns at the forefront of Starfleet's mission, instead a rekindled spirit of scientific and exploratory pursuits arose, and the Federation experienced a surge in cultural prosperity, colonization, and population booms. From this copious spirit of prosperity, Magnus Alastair Sterling came into being, born to a mining engineer and a geologist, who settled on the colony world of Minos Korva.

Not content to remain on Minos Korva, Magnus applied to Starfleet Academy for the opportunity to travel. He later graduated with an emphasis on engineering. Initially assigned to science vessel USS Rutherford, Magnus was surrounded by excellent scientists and researchers and came to learn a great deal from them and took it upon himself to further his education to be of greater use to his fellow crewmembers. During a crisis Magnus was able to intercept and decode a Tzenkethi military subspace signal from an outpost holding a Rutherford away team captive, and used it to piggy back a transporter signal allowing Rutherford to deploy a security team to retrieve the captives.

Starfleet Intelligence took notice of Magnus' accomplishment. When open hostilities with the Tzenkethi Coalition erupted later that year, Magnus was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence as a Signal Intelligence Analyst, charged specifically with monitoring Tzenkethi communications and creating briefs and analyses of Tzenkethi activity for Starfleet Command's consideration.

Following a lull in hostilities with the Tzenkethi where the emphasis on Magnus and his team's efforts were reduced considerably, Magnus transferred to an exploration vessel USS Concord as Operations Officer. For the next several years Concord surveyed habitable worlds and supported colonization efforts. During these years Magnus helped to establish permanent colony settlements on over a dozen worlds.

During the Cardassian Border Wars, Magnus learned new skill sets, that of a warrior and, ultimately, a leader. By the time of the armistice, Magnus had proven himself in combat against Cardassian aggression planet-side and in space, he was awarded various commendations for his service, and had been elevated to First Officer of cruiser USS Declaration.

In the sporadic years of peace Magnus found he had a fondness for archaeology. He pursued an education in his emerging hobby and over time earned his PhD. His body of work included published several papers regarding initial findings on surveys of several worlds where ruins had been found. Based upon his reports the Federation Archaeological Survey funded excavations on two such worlds. Magnus took a six-month leave of absence to participate in one of these digs, he published a number of further papers based on the discoveries made and earned himself a small amount of repute.

Following an incident involving the emerging Maquis paramilitary group where many innocent people died Magnus found himself the subject of scrutiny and brought before a Board of Inquiry. While the board ultimately determined Magnus was not at fault, the coal-raking sowed enough self-doubt that Magnus began questioning his continued fitness to command.

After 34 years of service, Magnus chose to focus his attention on archaeology full time. He retired from Starfleet and accepted a position with the Federation Archaeological Survey. He participated in several digs of suspected Debrune settlements, one excursion to a Tkon dig site, and consulted on several other endeavors.

Following the outbreak of hostilities with the Klingons Starfleet was hard pressed to put combat-proven officers on the front lines of the conflict. Magnus was approached and convinced to return to Starfleet again. He participated in campaigns to retake strategic facilities from Klingon invaders within the Archanis Sector.

As the Federation's war footing shifted towards repelling a Dominion invasion Magnus was granted command of an escort starship USS Scimitar, though normally assigned to safeguard troop convoys, Scimitar was also frequently tasked to defend larger, high-value starships in large scale engagements and tactical strikes against key targets in enemy controlled territories.

Following the signing of the treaty concluding the Dominion War Magnus stayed with Starfleet for a further year until some semblance of normal operations could resume. Confident the future of Starfleet lay in capable hands Magnus retired once more.

Magnus took a professorial position at the University of Minos Korva teaching archaeology and pursuing his own research and excavations into long extinct empires like the Tkon and Iconian empires and preserving artifacts from the depredations of looters and tomb raiders. His adventuresome spirit in this regard earned Magnus a contentious reputation among his academic peers.

By 2387 the Federation Archaeological Survey invited Magnus to consult on expeditions in the Round Table. In 2388 Magnus participated with a Diogaran expedition to uncover hopeful Iconian ruins within their territory. Following the Borg Attack Delta Starfleet urgently appealed to Magnus to return to duty to fill holes in their roster of experienced officers.
Service Record 2308 -- born Minos Korva colony.
2335 -- graduated Starfleet Academy, Commissioned as Ens.
2336 -- 2339 USS Rutherford NCC-11980, Engineering Officer, Promoted to Lt (jg).
2339 -- 2342 Starfleet Intelligence, SIGINT, Promoted to Lt.
2342 -- 2354 USS Concord NCC-41776, Operations Officer.
2354 -- 2369 USS Declaration NCC-26525, Tactical and First Officer, Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
2369 -- 2372 Retired, Federation Archaeological Survey.
2372 -- 2376 Archanis Sector Defense, USS Scimitar NCC-61986, Commanding Officer, Promoted to Cmdr.
2376 -- 2388 Retired, University of Minos Korva.
2388 Assigned to USS Excelsior.