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Rear Admiral Angharad Milok

Name Angharad Milok

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 135
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and slim; Angharad is an attractive older woman who is proud to wear the Starfleet uniform. Her uniform is always immaculately pressed with her 4 gold pips shined. Angharad like many Infantry trained Officers always ensures her boots are shined to such a point that she would happily eat from their surface. Angharad wears minimal make-up while on duty, as she feels any such indulgences will be seen by her subordinates as something of an affectation. Although an older woman, Angharad makes sure she is always at the peak of her physical fitness as at any moment she is ready to go into the field of battle.


Spouse Commodore Enriat Milok nee Grivnoviyck
Children Thea and Ael Milok
Father General Dafydd Thomas (Ret.), Former Marine Corps Commanding Officer.
Mother Lady Lorin Irinli Milok, High Priestess of Betazed
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Drinking, Wine Appreciation, Gin Tasting, Tobacco Tasting, Reading, Swimming.

Personal History Childhood
Angharad was raised on Betazed to a very aristocratic family. From this early age the heritage of her house was instilled in her, and was reinforced by her dedication to the Priesthood at the age of 5. She spent much of her early life studying and training at the Temple. For much of her childhood she had little contact with her father save for when he returned to the family home while on leave. Angharad was an only child, but was raised with her first cousins and extended family in the traditional Betazoid fashion.
Even when young Angharad showed a panache for education, and excelled over those of her year group while at school. At the age of 16 Angharad was ordained as a Priestess of the High Temple, and for two years worked there as a Priestess, until she met a Student from the University of Betazed, who was studying Law. He came to the Temple to pray for support during his final examinations. Angharad took pity on the young man and offered to help him revise by testing him.
Quite quickly she became proficient in the subtle intricacies of Law, both Betazed and Federal. At 17 Angharad quickly fell in love with the young student, and decided that the life of the Temple Priestess was not for her, against the wishes of her Mother (it was traditional for the eldest daughter to enter the Priesthood, and to eventually become the High Priestess of Betazed due to the high standing of their House).
Angharad helped her friend pass his final exams, and the next academic intake was accepted onto the Bachelor of Laws Degree, the relationship between Angharad and Gregor flourished, until 2346 when Gregor accepted a Junior Lecturers position, making their relationship illicit. The two agreed to end their relationship for the sake of Gregors career, and Angharads progression through the course. Neither of them wanted anyone to think that Angharads good grades were due to her relationship with Gregor rather than her hard study.
On Graduation, to add insult to in the injury she inflicted on her mother, Angharad applied and was accepted to the Commissioning Course at Starfleet Academy, Angharad was going to follow in her fathers footsteps, not her Mothers.
In 2347 Angharad enrolled on the short commissioning course at Starfleet Academy. For the next 12 months she led her group in all aspects of the training, yet never allowed her spiritual side to wain, partaking in daily observances of faith she was Priestess in, even officiating at the wedding of two fellow Officer Cadets who were also from Betazed.
On completion of the Course Angharad was commissioned as a Ensign in Starfleet, and served a Detachment XO on the Ambassador class USS Rio.

Angharad served with merit in this position of Infantry XO for years before being seriously injured in a conflict with the C'Hakilians, for which she received the Purple Heart for the first time. After her extended medical treatment, Angharad enrolled on an advanced training course at Starfleet Academy, on completion of which she was recommended for Flight Training.
Angharad was seen as a natural pilot and took to the pilot's training with ease. On completion of this training Angharad was awarded her Pilots wings, something that at the time she was very proud of. Shortly after-wards she was assigned as a Squadron Leader on board the USS Rio once again. For an entire tour of duty she filled the role of Squadron Leader with excellence, although she found herself often at odds with the psychology associated with Pilot culture; something she could not make peace with. With the re-deployment of Lieutenant Ordascious Mirla, the Detachment CO on the USS Rio, Angharad once again returned to her ground-pounder roots, and was promoted to full Lieutenant on assuming the position of Detachment CO.
For 4 years, Angharad served as Detachment CO, and was awarded on numerous occasions, and was recommended by Captain T'Ral for Advanced Tactical Training at Starfleet Command. The course lasted for a full year, on completion of the course Angharad was to become one of the most tactical qualified officers in Starfleet. Although a Marine, Angharad was offered the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Thunderchild due to her long service and specialisation in Tactics.
During her tenure as CS/TO on the Thunderchild Angharad she was promoted to Lt. Cdr and spent the majority of her free time was spent on the Infantry Decks drinking with her fellow ground-pounders.
In 2370 Angharad was asked to fill the position of Executive Officer on the USS Thunderchild after the death of Commander Kinlas, to reflect her new position she was promoted to Commander. During the Dominion war the USS Thunderchild with gallantry and valour, several times with Angharad serving in the centre chair when Captain T'Ral was injured.
During the War Starfleet was desperate for experienced officers to take command of vessels. Angharad was assigned as CO of the USS Tripoli. The large Galaxy class vessel was used extensively during the last year of the Dominion War, and carried out several classified missions for Federation.
It was in 2380 that Angharad's stellar career came to a crashing halt, in the dying days of 2380, the USS Tripoli was sent to investigate the loss of communication with the USS Darwin another Galaxy Class Vessel. On arrival it became apparent that the Darwin had become infected with a virus that caused the crew to become manic, eventually trying to kill one another. A Crew member from the Tripoli, namely the XO led an away mission and punctured his environmental suit. Unknown at the time he had become infected. The XO and away team had become infected, although the bio-filters did not show any sign of infection.
Within 3 hours half the crew of the Tripoli had become infected and were becoming murderous, as well trying to stop the crew from the USS Darwin from attacking the Tripoli. Angharad was faced with a threat, with now 60% of her crew infected and trying to destroy one another, in addition to the Darwin getting her weapons systems back online, and about to attack. She made a decision that would haunt her for the rest of her life.
She ordered the remaining uninfected crew members and civilians to the saucer section, and along with her remaining senior officers began transporting in infected crew to the stardrive. Once this was completed, Angharad went to the battle bridge and took the helm. Once the saucer section was away she set a suicide run at the USS Darwin hoping to destroy all the infected in one final sacrifice. Just as the stardrive section of the Tripoli hit the Darwin she was beamed to the Saucer section, something she had not asked her crew to do.
The collision of the Tripoli with the Darwin resulted in two warp core reactions, throwing the Saucer Section of the Tripoli into a state of damage. Angharad and the crew of the Suacer section survived alone in space with minimal power for 6 months before another Starship found them and brought them back to Federation.
On her return to Earth, Angharad was tried at a full Court Martial for the loss of the USS Tripoli, the destruction of the USS Darwin with all hands. After a 6 month Court Martial Angharad was found not guilty of all charges; although it was made clear to her that she would be punished even if not officially.
In 2380 Angharad was given command of the USS Thunderchild, which in reality was a punishment after commanding a Galaxy Class vessel; to add further insult to injury Angharad and the Thunderchild were sent on a 4 year mission of exploration near the Reaya Sector. It was at the time that Angharad began her drinking to help deal with the pain of the loss of so many lives on her order as well as the humiliation of a warship being sent on exploration.
Service Record Decorations
Purple Heart with 5 Bars
Christopher Pike Medal
Distinguished Service Order
Gold Star with 3 Bars
Presidential Medal of Honour
Starfleet Cross for Gallantry
Starfleet Long Service Medal
Cardassian War Service Medal
Klingon War Service Medal
Dominion War Service Medal
C'hakilian Conflict Service Medal
Legion of Merit
Starfleet Achievement Medal
Space Exploration Medallion
Grankite Order of Tactics, Class of Excel
Gold Palm
Johnathan Archer Exploration Medal

Court Martial
Demerit for Disobedience
Mentioned in Dispatches x7
Commander's Commendation x1
Colonel's Commendation x4
General's Commendation x3
Advanced Tactical Training Badge
Junior Officers Training Badge
Junior Officers Command Badge
Field Officers Intermediate Training Badge
Field Officers Intermediate Command Badge
Command Officers Advanced Training Badge
Aviator Wings (456 Hours Flight Time)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge
Weapons Officers Badge
Pathfinder Badge
Air Assualt Badge
Combat Infantryman Badge
Bridge Officers Badge
Starship Command Training Badge

Service Record
2344-2347: University of Betazed, Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons)
2347-2348: Starfleet Academy (Professional Officers Commissioning Course)
2348-2353: Infantry Detachment Executive Officer, USS Rio
2353-2354: Advanced Training, Starfleet Command
2354-2355: Pilot's Training, Saturn Flightschool
2355-2360: Squadron Leader, 32nd Fighter Wing
2360-2364: Infantry Detachment CO, USS Rio
2364-2365: Tactical Training, Starfleet Command
2365-2370: Chief Sec/Tac Officer, USS Thunderchild
2370-2374: Executive Officer, USS Thunderchild
2374-2374: Commanding Officer Training, Starfleet Command
2374-2380: Commanding Officer, USS Tripoli
2380-2384: Commanding Officer, USS Thunderchild
2384-????: Commanding Officer, Diogara Station

Promotional History
2347: Ensign
2353: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
2360: Lieutenant
2365: Lt. Commander
2370: Commander
2375: Captain