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Commander Melifa Thrall

Name Melifa Thrall

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 118
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black—no iris coloration
Physical Description Melifa is an unassuming, petite woman. She has a pretty enough face, but it's not too remarkable. She's fit, but not muscular. She's only as athletic as she needs to be. She has no identifying marks, such as scars, tattoos, et cetera. She's very slim, without much bulk to her at all. Despite being in her thirties, she has the appearance of a woman in her mid-twenties due to [REDACTED].


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jom Thrall (Né Saxi)
Mother Maraxa Thrall
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melifa Thrall is a purebred Betazoid with an above-average psionic capability. She's been tabulated at the 84th percentile of all living Betazoids in terms of inherent psionic ability, with 95% being the generally accepted cut-off for mental instability.

Melifa has been described by her closest friends as "cold", "detached", and "objective", yet her superiors describe her professional persona as "charming", "personable", and "passionate". She can change her outward demeanor like an actor putting on a character. The first three adjectives describe the "real" Melifa. The last three describe Melifa when she is trying to manipulate someone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Melifa is a powerful telepath. She can read surface thoughts of the people around her without concentration, although people can thwart this surface scan with considerable willpower and the knowledge of how to do so.

Melifa can change her outward demeanor at the drop of a hat. Thanks to her mental gifts, her "acts" are extremely convincing, even to psionics with greater ability than hers, though the strongest will see through her if they are attentive enough.

Melifa is small and physically frail. She can handle a variety of weapons to protect herself, and she is fairly quick on her feet, but she is of little use in a fist-fight without taking her mental powers into consideration. On the other hand, she is small enough to vanish into a crowd, fit into many tight spaces, and can be very stealthy.

For someone who is not immune to her telepathy, it is impossible to successfully lie to Melifa without taking advance precautions. This strains her social relationships with people that aren't accustomed to that level of openness.

Melifa is an expert in the field of psychology and psionics. She is a certified counselor and a master-level instructor of psionic defense. Reviews of her defense classes rave that her aggressive teaching style and hands-on practical lessons really motivate students to learn the material.

Her powers are subject to the following limitations:
-She cannot read Ferengi, Holograms, or Changelings (though she can spot a Changeling by her inability to read one).
-She cannot glean subconscious information or memories without maintaining unbroken focus, unless the person is dwelling on the memories on their own.
-While she can translate most languages spoken in her presence by reading the mind of the speaker, she cannot translate written words unless she is present when it is being written or happens to know the language (i.e. Romulan).
-She can't overtly control people's thoughts or actions; she can only read their minds and implant minor suggestions which can be easily disregarded.
-Psionic defense techniques block her normally, but she can defeat them with time, patience, and concentration, among other tricks of the trade.
Ambitions To prevent loss of Federation lives, resources, and ideals. More specifically, to prevent an event like the Dominion Occupation of Betazed from ever happening again in Federation territory.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Theatre, multicultural fashion, cooking (where feasible)

Interests: Philosophy, life extension, psionic defense, mental rehabilitation

Personal History [For a full, uncensored biography: click here.]

Melifa Thrall was born into the First House of Betazed. Like most Betazoids, she was tested for her psionic potential, where she ranked among the 84th percentile—only 11 points shy of the maximum for mental stability. She was enrolled in specialized schools to hone her abilities from a young age, where she excelled. An intense desire to understand the inner workings of the mind was instilled in her at a young age, and she was naturally led to apply to the University of Betazed, where she was accepted.

It was during Melifa's undergraduate studies that the Dominion laid siege to Betazed. The feeling of powerlessness weighed heavily on her as it did many of the citizens, and she decided to move to a closer core Federation planet for her own safety.

After graduating at the age of 23, she traveled to Vulcan, where she met Suvek, a retired Starfleet Officer teaching a class on Psionic Defense at the Vulcan Science Academy, who she would later become intimate friends with. She studied under him at the VSA and earned her certification as a Psionic Defense Instructor. Suvek urged her to enlist in Starfleet as he once did, because as he put it, "With your exceptional skills comes a responsibility to use them wisely. There is little more paramount than the defense of our way of life against more aggressive and destructive ideologies."
She couldn't agree more, considering her experience during the Dominion blockade.
The logical choice was to enlist.

Melifa struggled through basic training, but with determination and considerable effort, she made it and began studying diplomacy in Starfleet Academy while teaching Psionic Defense there part-time as an adjunct. She completed her coursework in short order, skipping her Freshman and Sophomore years at the Academy thanks to her credits at the University of Betazed. For her counseling residency, she worked at the Starfleet Academy Teaching Hospital, after which she become Ship's Counselor of the USS Montgomery, under the command of Admiral T'Lara and Ambassador Heiter.

Through the course of her common everyday dealings with the Admiral and the Ambassador aboard the Montgomery, she became savvy to multiple items of classified information regarding the Dominion War. Although she was of course sworn to secrecy on such matters, one with abilities such as hers did not go unnoticed by [REDACTED].


After a brief [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], Melifa Thrall was recommissioned, and reinstated as a Lieutenant Commander. Under the orders of [REDACTED], she was assigned to the USS Excelsior-C as the Chief Counselor, under the command of [REDACTED], Commander Peter Gardner. It is suspected that [REDACTED] may have orchestrated [REDACTED], however, [REDACTED].

Due to certain stipulations about her [REDACTED], Thrall is not allowed to participate in [REDACTED], and she is forbidden to be a participant in a Vulcan mind meld, even if it is considered therapeutically necessary.

At the beginning of what was to be her first mission as Executive Officer, Thrall was critically injured in a surprise attack against the Diogara Station where Excelsior was docked. A conduit ruptured behind her, and shrapnel from the explosion caused massive damage to her legs, one of which was almost completely destroyed. The ship's surgeon was able to restore the function of her left leg, but her right leg was irretrievable, so a replacement was cloned. After many months of physical therapy, she returned once again to active — though light — duty. Upon her return to duty, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Howden was transferred to the Excelsior as the Chief Intelligence Officer, necessitating Thrall's early promotion to Commander to maintain the Chain of Command.
Service Record
2378 – 2379Cadet 3rd YearCounseling CadetStarfleet Academy
2379 – 2380Cadet 4th YearCounseling CadetStarfleet Academy
2380 – 2381Cadet 5th YearCounseling ResidencySFA: Teaching Hospital
2381 – 2382EnsignCounselorU.S.S. Montgomery
2382 – 2384Ensign[REDACTED][REDACTED]
2385 – 2386Lieutenant (JG)[REDACTED][REDACTED]
2386 – 2387Lieutenant[REDACTED][REDACTED]
2387 - 2387Lieutenant CommanderChief CounselorUSS Excelsior-C
2388 - PresentCommanderExecutive OfficerUSS Excelsior-C