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Lieutenant Benjamin McKenna

Name Benjamin McKenna Dr

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 29
Nicknames Ben

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 165
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ben is five foot eight and weighs one hundred eighty pounds. He has short blonde hair, which he keeps short. Ben is always clean shaven, believing it looks better and looks more professional. Physically, everything about him is welcoming, his eyes, his smile and his body language.


Father Phillip McKenna
Mother Serenis Quoron of the Twelfth House of Betase
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is a soft, gentle, caring man. He is extremely passionate about helping people, hence becoming a Psychologist, like his Mother. He grew up in a household that encouraged the members of it to speak regularly and share experiences. This was transcended from his mothers fear of having any stress later in life, a fear from being a Starfleet Psychologist. As such, McKenna is very good socially inside and outside of his profession, he finds it easy to talk to people and to talk about his own faults and weaknesses.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ben's main strength is his ability to talk to anyone, about anything. He is a people person and is generally able to form some relationship, be it just an acquaintance or a life long friend. He also has very good intuition, gut feelings, especially when dealing with clients/patients. Ben can be incessantly stubborn, a characteristic that has put him at odds with many a supervisor.

As half Betazoid, his telepathic abilities are very limited to people of his own family and people he is familiar with. His usual abilities are typically empathic not telepathic, meaning he can sense peoples emotions, changes in emotion.
Ambitions Ben has a keen professional interest in psychological research so he continues to develop and push himself in regards to developing new skills.
Ben is a people watcher. He likes watching and observing behavior, to build up there normal behaviors and hence make it easier to see when they do something out of the ordinary. Although part of his job, as a person this vastly interests him.

He has also developed a keen interesting in the writing of holo novels. He finds relaxing to write about fictional characters and being able to play in a semi structured event.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Ben was born in 2358, an only child. He was raised on Earth for a time, before returning with his mother, father Starbase 12. Life on a Starbase had many advantages. Being near actual, qualified Starfleet Officers allowed him to learn many different things from a young age.

Ben was remarked by many people as a 'people watcher' which was a trait that continued into his adult and professional life. During his schooling, he studied Psychology and found it fascinating. Learning about the reasons for why people behave the way they do.
Ben applied to the University of Betazed and was successful to start his Undergraduate Degree in Psychology, at the age of 16, having completed the requirements early. Ben was not vastly academically intelligent, in regards to Maths, Warp field mechanics or other such topics, but when it came to Psychology, it was a keen interest of his and applied himself.
Service Record By the time he was 17, a year on, he had pushed himself hard and nearly completed the 3rd year. In 2375 the University and Starfleet Academy began offering joint programs. Ben applied to join this program, where he was accepted. The program enabled him to complete his Doctorate in Psychology and become a Starfleet Officer.

During this time, he completed additional courses ran by Starfleet Academy staff that challenged him to his full potential. By the end of the accelerated program he had developed numerous skills that he wouldn’t of developed by remaining just a Psychologist.
He graduated at ceremony attended by all his family and friends. His first assignment was onboard Jupiter Station - a relatively quiet assignment, dealing with a few nervous Ensign's who were nervous about their first adventures in space.

He then was moved to the Miranda, a deep space exploration vessel, where he was able to fulfil some of his potential. He dealt with his fair share of mental health issues onboard this ship, claustrophobia, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and even some lack of social skills, more common in someone with a Autism Spectrum Condition.

After 2 years on the Miranda, Ben was recalled to Starfleet Medical, to work on some more complex individuals, both Starfleet and Civilian alike. Over his 5 years working at Starfleet Medical, his experience grew vastly, working more pre-dominantly on the more complex individuals, with only a few individuals who needed basic counselling. In 2387, the news of the Hobus Incident reached Starfleet.

Ben requested a transfer back into space. With the destruction of Romulus and Remus, the potential to assist and learn more about the Romulans, that had fascinated him, in psychologically terms, for a long time.