The Sim

USS Excelsior (NCC-2000-C)

USS Excelsior orbiting Union III

In Latin excelsior means ever upward, a fittingly prophetic appellation as few starships in Starfleet can claim an illustrious lineage of namesakes whose exploits were so significant as to help shape the frontier of space exploration. In 2370, Avalon Fleet Yards laid the keel of the latest starship to bear the name Excelsior, a Sovereign class ship-of-the-line. USS Excelsior (NCC-2000-C) completed construction by 2374 and commissioned for service in 2375. After serving in the Dominion War, Excelsior-C resumed the honorable traditions of her namesake, pursuing the forefront of exploration and discovery, upholding the ideals and traditions of the Federation, and exemplifying the mission of Starfleet - this time in the Delta Quadrant. Today, the Excelsior is following in the footsteps of the Excelsior. Trying to find a way home.

The Delta Quadrant

Starfleet Transwarp Gateway

Until a few months ago, Starfleet were using a recently discovered ancient Iconian mega-gateway to traverse tens-of-thousands of lightyears instantly. In 2387, Starfleet stopped using the Gateways, citing that they didn't have full control of them and revealed Starfleet's Transwarp Gateway. Excelsior spent much of her career operating as part of a task force dedicated to exploring the Delta Quadrant, headquartered at Starbase 900, the first Starfleet facility in the region. However, by 2387, once prosperous relations with local entities began to cool and a concerted effort by unknown parties began to undermine the Federation’s position in the Delta Quadrant. Combined with the Hobus Incident in the Beta Quadrant, Starfleet began to recall starships back to the Alpha Quadrant which left Starbase 900 and Starfleet's position precariously vulnerable. Especially so when a number of Borg vessels suddenly appeared..

Battle of Starbase 900

USS Excelsior attacks a Borg Cube

Excelsior arrived in time through the gateway to participate in the Battle for Starbase 900. At the onset of the battle, Starfleet Command fearing the gateway falling into Borg hands, ordered Excelsior to destroy the gateway thereby stranding the task force in the Delta Quadrant permanently. Ultimately Starfleet defeated the Borg but at considerable cost. Starfleet’s base of operations, Starbase 900, along with many starships and countless lives were lost. Excelsior led the remains of the fleet to the last bastion of the Federation in the Delta Quadrant, Diogara Station.

The Diogarans and Diogara Station

Diogara Station orbiting planet Dio

The Diogara system has three habitable worlds each a homeworld for the three races that comprise the Diogaran culture: Dio, Ga, and Ra. Despite their vast differences, these three races prospered harmoniously for centuries, giving rise to the Diogara Commonwealth. The Diogarans applied for Federation Membership and Starfleet constructed a starbase to facilitate the Diogaran's integration, including an academy for training military officers for Starfleet duty. However with contact and passage to the Alpha Quadrant lost, Diogara Station has become the de facto headquarters for Starfleet in the quadrant. No resource is spared in bringing the fleet back into action.

The Vaadwaur Threat

The elusive Vaadwaur

Ever since their fateful encounter with USS Voyager, the Vaadwaur have been keeping a low profile throughout the quadrant. The Vaadwaur proper number only in the hundreds, but Starfleet Intelligence feels they, much like the Son'a, have the ability to become a substantial power. By 2387 Vaadwaur vessels had been spotted operating in and around the Mordred Nebula, careful to avoid any contact with Starfleet vessels and escaping through their underspace when approached. Starfleet Intelligence guages the Vaadwaur as a potential threat since their disposition and motives remain unknown. Excelsior has been tasked with investigating the Vaadwaur.