Enemies Closer

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Still reeling from the devastation caused by the Borg attack and the sudden separation from the rest of the Federation, Task Force Command restructures the fleet and prepares for long term survivability. Starfleet Intelligence fears that certain opportunistic groups, like the Vaadwaur, will attempt to take advantage of the situation while the task force rallies. Therefore, Task Force Command deploys Excelsior to investigate and assess the Vaadwaur threat and conciliate them if possible.

Part of Season 3: The Return to the Delta Quadrant

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The Old and the New

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The crew of Excelsior, new and old join the Excelsior, under her new Commanding Officer as they travel back to the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to find a peaceful solution to problems developing within the Diogara Commonwealth

Part of Season 1


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A small mission to tide things over, before the Excelsior's second mission begins! Orchestrating is all about the troubles in getting 95& completed Immense Station

Part of Season 1

Intruder Alert

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Just as the crew begin to discuss embarking on a mission of exploration, things take a turn for the worst.

Part of Season 1

When Heroes Fall

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The Crew of the Excelsior get some much needed rest and Peter Gardner is promoted and is married. When they get ready to depart Diogara Station a revelation is made to Captain Gardner that will not only have ramifications for him and his wife, but also for the entire society of the Commonwealth.

Part of Season 1

Retracing Old Steps

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The Excelsior has been reassigned to Task Force 93. Along with this reassignment, they have been ordered to retrace the steps taken by the previous Task Force, 21 that was in the Raeyan Sector. Could they stirring a hornets nest?

Part of Season 2

And So They Come

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The Excelsior is ordered to return to the Delta Quadrant after a short break from the area. During a layover at Faltan Station for crew exchanged and repairs. The Excelsior is briefed about the increased presence of the Vaadwaur near and in Federation held territory in the Delta Quadrant. But, a distress call from Starbase 900 causes the Excelsior to cut short there layover and assist the Round Table in its most deadly battle yet.

Part of Season 3: The Return to the Delta Quadrant