The Old and the New

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission
Description The crew of Excelsior, new and old join the Excelsior, under her new Commanding Officer as they travel back to the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to find a peaceful solution to problems developing within the Diogara Commonwealth
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Monday February 18th, 2013 @ 3:27pm
End Date Wednesday July 3rd, 2013 @ 9:27pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
The Return of Milok
by Captain Peter Gardner & Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica & Rear Admiral Angharad Milok
MD 5 1530HRS Sickbay, Diogara Station
Being Normal
by Commander Melifa Thrall
After the Mission Sickbay, USS Excelsior
Name - Rank -Serial Number
by Rear Admiral Angharad Milok
Unknown Unknown
Team 1
MD 5 0500HRS Shuttlebay 1 - Adamant - Delta Flyer Class Runabout
Meanwhile back at the ranch
Back Date MD 3 0136 Quantum Slipstream Drive Complex, ASDB, Utopia Planitia, Mars, Sol System, Sector 001, Alpha Quadrant
Being Diplomatic
by Crewman Wonag
MD 5 USS Excelsior Diplomat's Office
The Waiting Game
by Lieutenant Commander Aurin Koll
MD 5 0530hrs Runabout Tirch Mir
The Interrogation
by Rear Admiral Angharad Milok
MD 5 Unknown
Keeping an Eye on Things
Mission Day 5 - 0537 hours Bridge - USS Excelsior
Team 2
by Major Zeleny Novacek & Captain Peter Gardner & Master Sergeant Bill Maloney
MD 5 0500HRS Shuttlebay 2 - Tirch Mir, Delta Flyer Class Runabout
Looking for a Sign
by Captain Peter Gardner
MD4 - 1445 hours Astrometrics - USS Excelsior
The Travel to the new Diogara Station
by Captain Sovok & Commander Melifa Thrall
MD 5 0600 USS Phoenix - Approaching Transwarp Hub
The Return
by Captain Sovok & Commander Melifa Thrall
MD 3 USS Phoenix, Dilligent Class, Near the Badlands
The Night Is Darkest Just Before The Dawn
by Captain Peter Gardner & Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica & Master Sergeant Bill Maloney
MD 5 0200 Captains Quarters, Deck 2 then Captains Mess, Deck 6
The Burden of Knowledge
by Rear Admiral Angharad Milok
MD5 0400HRS Dissident Facility
Full Battle Rattle and Letters Home
MD4, 1500 hrs Diogara Station: Armory, Mess Hall, Goat Locker
Where's Wally
by Major Zeleny Novacek & Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica & Captain Peter Gardner & Lieutenant Commander Savok & Master Sergeant Bill Maloney
MD4 1330HRS Briefing Room
Dishonorable Guests
by Captain Peter Gardner
The Politics of Leadership
by Captain Peter Gardner & Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica
MD 3 2130HRS CO's Ready Room
Show Time in Sickbay
by Captain Peter Gardner
Mission Day 3 Sickbay, Diogara Station
Show Time in Engneering
by Lieutenant Commander Aurin Koll
Mission Day 3 Engineering, Diogara Station
A Thousand Pardons
by Commander Eva Hart & Captain Sovok
September 21, 2387 Starfleet Intelligence HQ
Amor Sempiternus
by Captain Peter Gardner & Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica & Lieutenant Commander Savok
MD4 CO Office, Ops
Freedom Is The Right of All Sentient Beings (????)
by Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica
Mission Day 3 Habitat Level, Diogara Station
Developing Countermeasures to Diagora Shields
by Lieutenant JG Kinash Adow & Master Warrant Officer Abraham Appleton & Lieutenant Commander Aurin Koll
MD 3 0800 hrs Main Engineering

Mission Summary

In 2378, Starfleet made First Contact with the Diogara Commonwealth, a peaceful and like minded society, namely its desire to explore peacefully. In 2380, Diogara applied for Federation membership. The Federation Council accepted their application and the process was begun. The Commonwealth, a cautious society at the best of times, asked for a period of 10 years to integrate slowly to the standards of the Federation and to allow the slow progression of their Military forces to Starfleet.

In 2382 a Regula 3 Starbase was erected in the Diogara Core System to act as a central command area for the final integration processes. This base would serve as a hub for cultural exchanges, economic trade and training of Diogara Military personnel to Starfleet methodologies. Captain Angharad Milok was granted Command to oversee the integration and one Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner was made her XO. In 2386, left wing factions arose, conducting terrorist actions throughout the Commonwealth in protest of joining the Federation. In 2387, Captain Milok was visiting the Diogara Diet on Dio and was kidnapped by these terrorist faction.

With direct orders from the 4th Fleet Command, the Excelsior is ordered to return with her new Commanding Officer in order to attempt to resolve the volatile situation.