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Posted on Wednesday April 16th, 2014 @ 10:15am by Lieutenant Rhiannon Nicks

Rhiannon entered her quarters, kicked off her shoes, and began stripping off her uniform as she crossed to the bathroom. "I need a long bath," she said as she began filling the tub. Five minutes later she was soaking in warm tub of soothing bubbles surrounded by the soft glow of apple cinnamon candles.

Twenty minutes into her soak the door chimed. From under her wash cloth covering her eyes she asked, "Computer who is it?"

"It is Kedar Dallin."

At the sound of his name she sat up and froze as a wave of excitement and regret passed through her. The door chimed again. "Let him in then lock the door behind him."

"Hello," Dallin said sticking his head in the door as it opened, revealing an open room. Cautiously he entered and the door swished closed behind him. "Rhiannon?"

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, "In here."

Looking around the room he saw the only open door and could tell it was the wash room because he could see the sink in the faint glow of candles. Sticking his head in, a wide smile filled his Bajoran face. "Well I need to make surprise visits more often."

"If I knew you were coming I would have waited to add the bubbles," she said with a seductive smile. "When did you come aboard?"

Dallin took a seat on the edge of the tub and brushed a stray curl from Rhiannon's eyes. "I've been around since about 0900. You were in sessions and I wanted to," he stroked the surface of the water, "make it a memorable reunion."

[To Be Continued] ......


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