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Romantic Entanglements

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Yoshi always eagerly anticipated his scheduled calls to Koko. She was performing so admirably at the academy and her results so far indicated she would make a splendid Starfleet Scientist. She loved the stars and so it was only fitting that she major in Astro Physics and Stellar Cartography. Yoshi smiled with pride at the thought.

He wore his favourite black Kimono with grey undergarment. He had a strong fascination for historical Japanese culture and this made him feel at one with it. His ceremonial Samurai Swords hung on the wall above his desk where he now sat selecting Koko from his contact list to call.

She took longer than usual to answer but when she did, Yoshi was delighted to see her in her academy uniform, smiling into the camera.

"Konbanwa!" She greeted. "How is my big brother?"

"Konbanwa, Koko. How are the studies coming along?"

Koko shrugged and Yoshi knew she was just being modest. "OK I guess. I scored 96% on my last assignment." For Koko, this wasn't good enough but for Yoshida, he flt nothing but pride for her.

"That's excellent Koko. Don't be hard on yourself my dear. Mother would be so proud!" encouraged Yoshi.

Their mother Kaori had passed away 12 months earlier after a drunk driver hit her as she walked along the sidewalk. In a moment, all their lives were changed and their world thrown upside down. Yoshi had been furious but could do nothing from the other side of the sector. He was granted extended shore leave to assist in funeral arrangements but felt he could have done more.

A tear formed in Koko's left eye as she acknowledged her brother's encouragement and remembered her mother's tender care. "Thank you." she mustered.

"How is life on the Excelsior?" she asked, changing the direction of the conversation.

"You should visit Koko. The Sovereign is an amazing class of vessel and the Excelsior C in a class of it's own. It is magnificent. I have larger quarters than I have ever had and the engines purr! You need to experience it to believe it. We have an outstanding crew and of course, Captain."

She laughed a little. It seemed her brother became a boy again whenever he spoke of Starships. He had been just as excited with every new assignment and that was contagious. He was the reason she joined the academy after all.

As they continued chatting Koko's personal communicator chimed.

"Who is demanding your attention now?" asked Yoshi. "An admirer?" he joked.

Koko gazed back at him stunned. How could he know? She knew he had contacts at the academy but......

"Koko?" her look said it all. She did have an admirer. Just what he feared.

She mustered up the bravery to tell him. She never lied to her brother. Sometimes she withheld the truth but never lied.

"I have started seeing someone Yoshi." she began. Yoshi's chin fell to his chest. "Please listen." she pleaded.

Of course he would. He always did. "Koko.....we spoke about this...." he attempted before adding, "......go on."

"He is a good man. His name is Harley."

"Harley?" Yoshi wondered how good a man he could be named after an ancient motorcycle. What kind of parents did he have?

"Yes, Yoshi. He is an engineering cadet. Like you, he studies systems and electronics. His father is a Starfleet engineer too. He serves on the USS Sirius as the Chief Engineer."

Yoshi made a mental note to check up on this Chief and his son. "I see." He wasn't happy. "I thought we agreed Koko. Study first. Your Starfleet career is not worth jeopardising for....." he found his voice raising slightly but his sister interrupted.

"It won't be jeopardised Yoshi!" She sighed, "he's a good man. He is serious about his career too. Trust me Yoshi. Please."

Yoshida Okawa rubbed his face. "Ok Koko. I trust you. You know I do. I just care for you and don't want to see you hurt or become distracted. Promise me you will keep me informed of this....Harley," he recalled the name.

"I will brother. You have my word." She replied with a smile of victory. She knew Yoshi only had her back. Her communicator chimed again and she looked anxious to answer.

"Go on Koko. Answer him. We'll catch up later. Be good!" he added.

His little sister thanked him and promised to call later or send a message. "Bye Yoshi." The screen returned to the image of the Starfleet insignia and Yoshida stretched his back and shook his head. His baby sister was in a relationship. He had dreaded this moment for years and now it was here.

"Computer," he said, "Run query on USS Sirius. Who is the Chief Engineer?" and so the detective work began.


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