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Chief engineer's log entry

Posted on Tuesday March 10th, 2015 @ 8:25pm by

"Chief Engineer's Log, Lieutenant Command Rachel Hanssen, USS Excelsior.

"Today, Lieutenant Adow, Senior Chief Miller, and myself found ourselves assisting some junior recent transfers in replacing a plasma conduit in the port nacelle. It was entirely uneventful, save for some uncharacteristic swearing on behalf of the senior engineering staff. I believe that these kids shared more then one laugh at our expense, until they realized that they will now be demagnetizing the starboard nacelle during tonight's graveyard shift with micro-resonators. That should only take them about 18 hours, as the Warp Drive will be offline for routine maintenance as scheduled.

"No other ship maintenance was performed, in preparation for the warp drive maintenance beginning at 0200 hours. We anticipate a warp drive restart beginning at 0900, and should be back online no later than 1100 hours.

"No other punishments were dispensed.

"Duty Roster submitted to the Executive Officer at 15:47 hours.

"End Log."


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