Released for Duty

Posted on Sunday January 22nd, 2017 @ 1:15am by Commander Sienae t'Rllaillieu

The vaporous mixture of steam and water from the sonic shower caressed the body like like a warm blanket. The remaining tingling that had saturated her body for weeks, seemed to just roll away with the beads of water. It was a mystical experience to achieve equilibrium again. For the first time in several weeks the body and mind could retreat from all the details and mandatory tasks of life. Reluctant to turn of the sanctifying mist, she rested her forehead on the shower wall and toyed with the red off switch. She glanced with disdain, closed her eyes, and terminated the steam. She braced herself, opening the shower door from a distance and quickly grabbed the Egyptian cotton towel from the nearby rack. The royal blue towel with the starfleet emblem proudly displayed functioned more as a shield from the assault of cold air outside the shower door. The process of drying was a sensual ritual as opposed to routine. Delicately swaddling the hair prevent further dripping. Starting from the head and drying to the toes created a neutral balance, as the feet were often the first to enter the cleansing waters. Emerging from the mist and shedding the most primordial substance in the afforded a perspective of rebirth: a new start. This was the feeling she was looking for after weeks of fatigue, muscle cramps, and fluctuating hormones.

"Vulcan Spice Tea; hot." Sienae had attempted her best to unify the sparse atheistic pleasure of Vulcan with the Rich colors, textures, and fragrances of Romulus. The oasis she created was a reflection of her own diverse, yet unified genetics. Often torn between two philosophical approaches to life, Sienae could find solace and congruence in a universe of her own creation. One of her more guilty pleasures included a "oneness with the universe" free from the confines of cultural garb and repressed Vulcan notions of indecency. The rift between freedom, emotion, culture, and expectation haunted Sienae throughout her lifetime and into early adulthood. She struggled to find a place to call home until she came to Earth and entered Starfleet Academy. Among the emotionally volatile humans (as her father described them) and the uncivilized uncultured (as her mother described them) Sienae found acceptance for all her physical, emotional, and spiritual traits.

"Begin Personal Log." Sienae paused lying in bed atop silk Romulan grade sheets.

"I am nervous about returning to duty. I can only imagine what my colleagues and subordinates are thinking. My genetic combination and appearance betray my need for vacation every seven years. Unfortunately, my Romulan Pheromones intensify the Vulcan biological process...and intensify...well...everything. I greatly appreciate Dr. Lecourtier's discretion and sensitivity in explaining my unique situation with Captain Gardner. I should have a few weeks of reprieve before I'll have to begin regulating my regular passions. I have agreed to meet with Dr. Lecourtier and update the team of doctors at the Science Directorate on my decision to return to medication or continue with more natural supports and remedies."

Sienae focused her eyes on the vast emptiness of space outside the port window. The topic of her journal was an uncomfortable one. In many ways it was fulcrum of biological and cultural clashes. There was no neutral way of explaining her situation to others without extreme attempts at sympathy, mostly from the women. Men often found the situation to be an asset which could be taken advantage of on a regular basis. From within her own family the topic of sexuality and emotion was something to be purged or confined to intimate relationships with a spouse, neither of which was on her mind at this time.

"Computer, delete personal log and list activity list by priority."