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Meeting the New Engineer

Posted on Monday August 22nd, 2016 @ 9:17am by Captain Peter Gardner

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 1000HRS

(OOC|Bobby: Where do you want to report in? Captain's Ready Room?)

Maddox first stop was main engineering. No one knew him, expected him, or noticed him for several minutes. There was a fair bit of chaos going on, and eventually a female Trill approached. It took less than two minutes for her to get Maddox out of the way and out of Engineering completely. "You need to see the Captain FIRST." The door shut as she pressed the button. Maddox knew she was right. He entered the turbolift and ordered it to take him to the Captain, who was apparently in his ready-room. He pressed the call button and took a deep breath.

Peter looked up from his desk console. "Come." he called out.

The engineer complied, and entered. He ignored the room, and focused on the Captain. At what he considered the appropriate and respectful distance Maddox stopped walking and at crisp attention introduced himself. "Lieutenant Maddox reporting for duty, sir." In the past transfer orders were send ahead of time, but just in case, Maddox had a copy on the PADD he held.

Peter smiled and stood up, walking round the tip of his desk to face the Benzite. " Welcome aboard the Excelsior, Lieutenant." Peter stated, offering out his right hand.

Maddox accepted the handshake, reminding himself of the rules for such. The firmness, length, eye contact, posture, facial arrangement during all these details said so much to humans. Maddox knew his forced mannerisms would not come off as 'natural' but at least there were there. Captain Gardner appeared human anyway. He could be from any number of species, as Maddox hadn't really had the time to do the research on his new posting. "Thank you Captain. And thank you for seeing me personally."

Peter shook his head, dismissing his thanks as the hand shake released."No thanks are required, Lieutenant. Not only are you a member of my crew, you are a member of my senior staff." He said as he motioned for the Benzite to take the chair by his desk. He returned to his. "Have you had a chance to see Engineering?" He asked curiously. He doubted the answer would be no.

"Yes, Captain. I also met some of the crew." Maddox explained. "If I may ask, sir. Could you tell me about my predecessor? It may help with the... transition." On a Benzite ship there would be no dwelling on the past, but on a Federation ship, one had to think about such things. To put it in Human terms there was a 'ghost' in engineering, a standard he would be held to. Not the standard of engineering excellence established by starfleet, but of likability. The previous Chief no doubt ingratiated himself with the crew, and they could easily resent a newcomer. On the other hand, it may be the previous chief was not well liked, and this impractical burden would not exist.

Peter raised an eyebrow. "Commander Hannsen?" he asked rhetorically. "Well, she was efficient. She had a cool efficiency that would've unnerved even a Vulcan." He remarked with a nostalgic smile. "However," He said his smile fading.", Commander Hannsen is no longer my Chief Engineer. You are. The crew will adapt because they are Starfleet Officers." Peter remarked to the Benzite in front of him.

“Yes sir.” Maddox replied. “Is there anything you require from me immediately?”

Peter's lips pursed as he thought for a moment. "Right now, just get this ship ready to get underway in the next 24 hours." He instructed his new Chief Engineer.

Maddox checked the time, he couldn't help it, the Captain had put a clock on the work, and while not certain he could make it happen, an order was an order. "Aye sir."


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