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Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD 1 1030 HRS

“I asked Ensign Lillim to assemble all the team leaders for this meeting.” Maddox decided to get to the point. “I don’t plan on calling similar meetings in the future, as I prefer the one on one approach. That being said, Ensign, please...”

“Aye, sir.” Esri Lillim nodded directly across the work table, “Ensign Stanton Haught, our other Engineering Officer. He and I typically split up oversight of each team.”

“Lieutenant.” Haught nodded. Maddox nodded in reply. He had several questions for the human, but they would need to wait. This was a more general meeting.

Esri continued, “Petty Officer Clive Youngblood is our sensor specialist. Honestly I haven’t found a hardware related issue he couldn’t fix.”

“Thank you ma’am.” the red-headed human smiled at the Trill then turned to the new Benzie Chief. “Good to meet you Lieutenant.”

“Petty Officer Pana is the ship’s computer-systems specialist.” Esri indicated the Vulcan female. “We have found her logic and the computer’s logic to be very compatible.”

“Ship computer systems are working at over 96 percent capacity, given current conditions.” Pana explained.

Maddox noted that her reply was on work and not pleasantries. He very much approved of this choice and made a mental note.

“Petty Officer Deuce Hagan is rather busy at the moment, as he is our Damage Control Specialist.”, Esri’s frustration came through so clearly in her tone even Maddox detected it.

“Call me Cowboy.” Hagan’s smile was by far the biggest so far.

“Why?” Maddox asked the human.

“Well, all my friends do.” Hagan explained.

“Moving on.” Esri kept the meeting focused by keeping things focused. “Petty Officer Enall ch’Rhavah is our Warp Core Specialist.”

The Andorian bowed slightly, his blue antennae swiveled slightly to align with Maddox. “Greetings Chief.”

“And finally,” Esri interjected, “Our structural and environmental specialist. Dratka Bode.”

“Hey Chief, how come I have two specialties and only one paycheck?” The Bajorian woman asked in such a way that no one could tell if she was joking.

“Of course there are dozens more.” Esri would not let this meeting get derailed. “Technicians that support each team. They report to these team leaders who report to both myself and or Haught and then we report to you.”

“This is how Hannsen arranged the department?” Maddox asked.


“Well, I see no need to change things at this point. The Captain wants the ship ready for departure and we have less than a day to make that happen. I want estimates sent to me immediately on each team’s status and projections. Thank you all for coming you are all dismissed, except for Ensign Lillim. We have more to discuss.” She followed him to his office.


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