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Recipe for disaster.

Posted on Thursday September 22nd, 2016 @ 10:04pm by

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Excelsior Computer Core
Timeline: MD 2, 2242 Hours

The doors opened with a quiet hiss after Petty Officer Clive Youngblood keyed in his security code. He didn’t visit this particular room more than he had too. Dark, cold, quiet, and usually devoid of people, a typical computer core reminded him too much of a morgue. The computer had indicated Pana was in here but he didn’t see her. Clive was quickly distracted by an alert flashing on a screen, the word “ERROR” blinking in red, silently begging him to push it for a report. His finger just a hair’s breadth away from contact, a voice broke the silence. “Do not touch anything, Youngblood.”

Clive looked down in the dark room, and saw boots sticking out of an access hatch. “How’d you know it was me?”

“You smell like you.” Pana emerged smoothly and stood in front of Clive. “Specifically, you smell like this when you want to flirt.”

“Vulcan romance is an oxymoron isn’t it?”

“We are both on duty. Do you have a legitimate reason to be here?”

“Yeah, your systems are triple-cycling my sensors.” Clive handed over a PADD with a report.

“The Excelsior is Starfleet property. Neither of us own...” Pana began to read the report and stopped short her correction as she read. “Come on.”

Clive’s face showed genuine confusion, but did as he was told.


“Data theft?” Maddox rubbed his head, this was not what he wanted on his first week on the ship. It was barely past his first day.

“Undoubtedly.” Petty Office Pana appeared calm.

Maddox needed more information, so he asked the most obvious question. “How?”

“Someone tapped into a Starfleet subspace relay. Once in our network it is much easier to do this kind of thing. Still it was no small feat. The solicitation of this attack is clearly an indicator of high level experience.”

“Such a tactic implies implicit familiarity with our systems, you’re saying someone from Starfleet personnel did this.”

“I have made no such conclusions.” Pana explained. “I can tell you most of what happened, I can show you the multiple systems affected, but as to motives and identity, I cannot supply such answers. The safeguards I have in place worked, for the most part. Still if someone is determined and patient enough, well, all systems have vulnerabilities.”

“Motive.” Maddox pondered that. “What did they take?”

“Recipes.” Pana explained.

“Recipes? For what, exactly?”

“Brownies. A human dessert food.”

“That can’t be all they took.”

“Logically I agree. No one would go to this much trouble for something so trivial. I am still looking, but I think what they actually took will take longer to track down. The data they obviously accessed and copied was obfuscation.” Pana explained.

“Keep looking.” Maddox rubbed his head again. “I will inform the Captain about the great brownie theft.”


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