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Perfection is Only Attained By Practice

Posted on Monday October 10th, 2016 @ 9:58pm by Captain Peter Gardner

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Gymnasium
Timeline: MD 3, 0400 Hours

Wing Chun required practice. Practice was the only way to learn all the forms and perfect them. What had drawn to Peter to Wing Chun at the Academy was how each of the forms had an application in actual self defence. But all the forms required practice for the application to be executed by the practitioner. So for this reason, Peter had studied Wing Chun day and night until he eventually made Master. He passed his teachings onto his brother and sister, advancing their training quickly but also advancing himself.

For that reason, Peter spent every morning before the start of the Alpha Shift practicing the forms of the Kung Fu he had spent a life time practicing and teaching. He enjoyed his morning practice ritual, he felt like it prepared him for his day. The Wooden Dummy form was his favourite, it was by far his favourite form to teach and it was the one he picked up the easiest.

He continued to drill the wooden dummy as the computer bleeped."The time is 0500 hours." He slowed down until he brought himself to halt. He picked his towel off the floor and wiped his face, wiping away the sweat. He smiled as he felt a small burn in his arms. He had pushed himself this morning and he knew the ache in his muscles was a result of that. He picked up his protein shake and drank a few sips.

Unbidden, the memory of his first level Master grading appeared in his mind. He remembered how hard he had worked to push himself to complete all the forms, the physical strain was ginormous and he thought he was fit then. He wouldn't break a sweat now completing those forms now in the way he had to complete them.

Again, another memory, teaching his brother and sister, the pride he felt with how quickly they picked it up. The Academy's Wing Chun Association was practically overtaken by Gardner's. By the end of his 4th year, both his brother and sister had become Masters themselves. He was extremely proud of them both.

He excited the gymnasium and made his way to his quarters. He needed to shower before his shift started.


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