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Doing the Voyager Thing

Posted on Thursday November 17th, 2016 @ 10:17pm by Commodore Lanniefelysa Merefica & Captain Sierra Walton & Commander Diantha Novius & Lieutenant Catherine Philips
Edited on on Friday November 18th, 2016 @ 7:50pm

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Diogara Station

Lannie watched from the window as the Excelsior turned and began moving away from the Station. In the area of her brain that controlled her telepathic powers, she felt her husband's mood shift to sombre and she saw flashes of his thoughts. She sent him as much reassurance she could muster, given that her mood had changed in seeing the images of his thoughts. She watched it for a few moments more. She felt his appreciation in return and she turned away to face the room.

She was impressed to see the entire Senior Staff mingling and talking amongst themselves. The crew of the Galaxy and Diogara had gelled well and became a strong unit. She silently took her seat, which was enough for others to realise this was the start of the meeting. She waited for a moment whilst they took their seats. "Thank you." She said, attempting to convey her own appreciation to the crew. " We need to take the lead on finding ourselves some new friends, otherwise we won't be able to survive for any longer than a few years out here." She remarked. The projections had come from her team, so most of them already knew that. "Sierra, I want you to take the Dauntless. Admiral Atticus has authorised a field promotion to Captain. Commander Novius, you'll be her First Officer. Your knowledge of the Delta Quadrant will be invaluable on this mission. Lieutenant Phillips, you'll go with them."

Sierra nodded, taking the news of her promotion in her stride, although under her facade she was secretly proud of it. "Do you have anyone in mind?" She asked the woman at the head of the table. "We have been sending diplomatic overtures to a race 52 lightyears from the station. They appear to as technologically advanced as we are. They are called the Grousans, humanoid." She tapped a button on the table and the window behind her went back a holographic display appeared, with a Humanoid male, but he had a full face of facial hair. "This is the Urwrek, the leader of the planet. Admiral Atticus has been dealing with him directly. He appears to share our values and ideals. There criminal justice system is somewhat complicated and I have been instructed to inform you to use extreme caution and attempt to have your meetings aboard the Dauntless, so if any issues arise you'll be in the stronger negotiation position." She tapped another button. "They have most of what we need and they require most of what we can produce. Dauntless has already been loaded up. Do you have any questions?" She asked her first officer.

Sierra shook her head. She looked over to Diantha. "I assume that Dauntless's computer has all that information?" Diantha asked briefly. She accepted that most of the briefing was brief but she wanted to review the data herself so as to arm herself with all the information. Truth be told, Diantha already knew something abut the Grousans, but this data was new and she wanted to ensure she was fully versed in all the information that was on offer.

Lannie nodded. "Yes, Commander. Everything that I have just shared and more will be avaliable to you and some personal notes from Admiral Atticus." She answered the question of one of her most senior Officers. "Good luck. You're dismissed."


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