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Finding the Vaadwaur Part 1

Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2017 @ 2:58pm by Captain Peter Gardner & Lieutenant JG Veresa Turin & Commander Magnus Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Nomi Bernard & Lieutenant JG Raina Lorrel

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: MD5 0530HRS

"We're approaching the Mordred Nebula." Ensign Davies spoke up from the helm station just as the turbo lift opened revealing the senior staff. Seeing Veresa, the young Ensign stood up from the console and allowed her senior to replace her. "Dropping to impulse power." Veresa reported as she took her seat and took the controls.

Magnus Alastair Sterling circled around towards the science stations. "Put the nebula on main viewer," he commanded. The view screen displayed the dense cloud of gas and dust before them. "Tactical, begin scanning for any starships or recent activity in the area. Science, what do we know about the Modred Nebula?"

Lieutenant (jg) Eliez Doran studied her displays intently, an overwhelming density of numbers scrolled across her screens, undulating waveforms, rotating carteoids, variable rays, all of which had meaning to her and seemed incomprehensible to the unenlightened. "The Mordred Nebula is a classic Type-1 nebula: an emission nebula, primarily molecular hydrogen, with regions of star formation inside, approximately twenty light-years across."

"Begin scanning for any sign of the Vaadwaur underspace then, please."

Doran scowled at her screens and made a note to log the nebula's readings for later research.

Peter considered his current thinking, Starfleet policy and procedures for situations like this and his knowledge of the Vaadwaur as he considered his next decision. He didn't want to appear overly hostile but it didn't know what to expect of the Vaadwaur, how far their technology had come for example. "Take us to Yellow Alert. I don't want to be taken by surprise." Peter instructed out loud.

"Scans in progress, nothing apparent is jumping off of the screen right now. The emissions in the nebula is causing some issues with the sensors. There are pockets that the sensors are having difficulties breaking through. We might have to check those areas first. The underspace entrances may be within those said pockets." Nomi scowled at the computer trying to get it to give her what she was looking for.

Peter nodded as he listened to the Security Chief's report. He didn't expect them to just come rolling out of their under space at Excelsior's arrival. They would some encouragement. "Send the standard greeting, on all subspace bands." He called out. He wanted the Vaadwaur to know that they were here to talk, not as a show of force. He hoped they'd listen.

Nomi watched for any changes in the subspace frequencies as well as different spectrums of radiation to determine if anything was changing. After a few minutes, she noticed a slight change. "I'm detecting a slight change in radiation at 24 mark 32. No other changes."

Peter frowned. This wasn't going to be easy. He stood up from his chair. "Open a channel on all subspace bands." He ordered without taking his eyes from the screen.

"Channel open, Sir," Nomi responded and then hit the final button to open the channel.

"This is Captain Peter Gardner of the Federation Starship Excelsior to any Vaadwaur ships receiving this. We seek to make contact and attempt to heal the rifts that have arisen between us." Peter stopped, turning round to Nomi and nodding, signalling to cut the communication.

She closed the channel when he indicated to and she continued her sensor scan. "If they are there, they are stalking us. I'm not getting anything." Within five minutes of the transmission being sent, a blip appeared. "Sir, disturbance, port side, two mark three zero one."

"On screen," Sterling ordered reflexively, habits from twelve years ago having never really gone away. "Doran, sensor sweep on that bearing."

The trill worked her station intently. "It's a structural region within the nebula, a molecular cloud, mostly molecular hydrogen obviously, about four light years across. Unusually dense: over 500 molecules per cubic centimeter. Some low-yield static discharges obfuscating penetrating scans. Passive scans detect a star within the interior, likely planets. Some strong magnetic flux." She fine tuned her sensors. "Trace amounts of tetryon particles. Also verterons and unusually high neutrino count." She turned around suddenly. "There's a high probability of some kind of subspace disruption in that area. Might be an underspace aperture nearby."

Sterling turned towards his captain. "Makes for a good hiding place. Also a convenient staging area. I don't like it."

"I agree with hiding places around these areas," Nomi stated as she overlaid the current view on the viewer with highlighted areas that everything was the density was the highest of the particles. "Either recent use, or they are going to most likely come fro here. Scans are having problems scanning these areas," she said as she highlighted the other areas.

Sterling studied the display. "There's a lot of ground to cover, and lots of hiding places if the vaadwaur want to ambush us, but we came all this way to find them and open a dialogue. Helm, alter heading to match that last sensor contact and move us closer at one-third impulse."

Peter looked briefly at his First Officer before turning back to the view screen. "Could it be a wormhole generating those kind of neutrino's?" He asked the room at large.

Eliez Doran shook her head in mild disbelief, frowning as she -- yet again -- had to educate someone about something she found so trivial. It was incredibly annoying, and while she accepted that as part of her duties, it invariable stole away her time, disrupted her focus, and negatively affected her own performance. This is why she could never teach, at the academy or university. There was just too much she wanted to do.

"Wormhole. Vaadwaur underspace. Quantum slipstream. Borg transwarp. Take your pick," Doran said with snarky inflection. "All methods tunnel through subspace, apertures release the same subatomic and subspace particles, it's the method of tunneling that seems to change among them, that creates different particle proportions and waveform characteristics, but at these distances and degree of sensor obfuscation we're not going to get any more definitive readings to truly differentiate."

"Well," Sterling said looking grim. "We've either found the Vaadwaur, or the Borg, or something else entirely."

Peter frowned as he listened to the assessment from his First Officer. It pretty much summed up what the Science Officer had said in a nutshell. "Lay in an intercept course, take us in."


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