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Posted on Saturday November 26th, 2016 @ 8:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Nomi Bernard

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Bernard's Quarters
Timeline: MD 4, Time 0500

The chime was meant to wake her up. That was what it was designed to do, however, it can't do that when she was already awake. Nomi had spent the last thirty minutes lying in bed running through the different things that she needed to get done that day. They had left Diogara the day before. They were enroute to find out the vessel that had been able to get through her encryption sequences as well as keeping an eye out for Vaadwaur activity.

She still hadn't been able to figure out how they had gotten through her encryption. More alarming, she hadn't been able to make too much progress on figuring out the type of the ship that had gotten the information from their data stores. She knew that she needed to get more than 'it wasn't a Borg Vessel'. At least she had been able to rule them out, especially after the harrowing battle of Starbase 900. A sense of guilt had washed over her as the alarm chime went off. She felt like she should have been able to do more than what she had been able to save more people. It just didn't work out in their favor. She knew that the battle would have been worse off if she hadn't responded the way that she did. They would have barely able to survive the carnage that would have unfolded.

Destroying the gateway also sent guilt through her as she knew that they would probably never be able to go home. The chances were slim and futile unless they could come up with alternate routes back to the Alpha Quadrant. She wasn't worried about surviving the trek if they were to go straight for the Alpha Quadrant. It was a 90 year journey, but she knew that she still had at least that much life left to give. However, she would watch her own crewmates wither and fade away over the journey. Not everyone on the ship would have the life spa that she had, and it would just be like home. She watched her own people slip away, but in more alarming numbers. It was something that if she had the chance, she wouldn't want to have to go through it again.

With a swift move, she rolled out of bed and stood stretching. She figured that now was the time that would be better than ever to get going and to try to get more than what she had gotten, as well as working on a new encryption algorithm to try to protect their systems better than she had before...

Lt. Commander Nomi Bernard
Chief Tactical and Security Officer


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