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Posted on Friday February 17th, 2017 @ 5:37pm by Captain Peter Gardner

Mission: Enemies Closer
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD5 0130HRS

Peter was stood at the window in his ready room, looking out as the Mordred Nebula got closer. He sipped his coffee, a Raktajino, as he realised that he had been in Command of the Excelsior for just over a year. And that also meant that his parents had died slightly longer ago than that. He took another sip of the drink in an attempt to allow the bitter taste to wash away the memories that were coming unbidden into his thoughts. His thoughts turned to his only living direct relatives, his young siblings, Daniel and Karissa. They had both done well in the careers and he was immensely proud of them both. His only regret was that they had both followed in his footsteps and become Intelligence Operatives. Karissa was getting out of it slowly and he was doing his best to put pressure on certain people so that she wouldn't be dragged back in. And Daniel.

Daniel had practically been expelled from Starfleet Intelligence and he had again done his best to keep him out of it, but his attempts had failed. Daniel enjoyed his work, like Peter had done. He thought he was making a difference. And now he couldn't even speak to them. He missed them both very much and he couldn't even contact them. The bitter taste had no affect on his current mood or the memories that were floating about in his head. He was so away from Earth and now that he couldn't get back there, he realised how much he actually had missed it.

He knew that Admiral Atticus was attempting to find a way home and at the very least, he knew they were making some head way in reestablishing contact with Starfleet.

It was late, a fact Peter was all to aware of. He placed his drink down on the table and left his ready room through the second door that led into the hall way behind the bridge. He took the nearest turbo lift. " Deck 2." He ordered the lift as he entered it. The lift hummed as it moved down the ship just one deck. The doors opened as quickly as they shut and he stepped out of the lift and moved down the corridor, nodding to various members of the crew as he passed them.

His quarters were very close to the turbo lift he can just exited, the main purpose of which was to allow him quick access to the bridge in an emergency. He entered his quarters, which he had decorated with pictures and to a bright colour scheme rather than the lifeless grey that Starfleet had become so fond of decorating their ships.

He changed quickly into a martial art training outfit and exited his quarters and went back to the lift. "Deck 11." He ordered the lift. The lift again hummed as it began moving downwards. A mere moment later the doors opened again and stepped off. The walk to the gymnasium was short. He stepped inside. It was empty, which Peter wasn't entirely surprised by. It was late.

His Muk Yan Jong or the Wooden Dummy as it was known in Federation Standard was in the corner. Peter had studied the ancient Chinese Martial Art called Wing Chun since he was a child. He had mastered not only its forms but the philosophy of Wing Chun. The Mook Yan Jong was also the name of the form he wanted to practice this evening, but he also wanted to practice the first form, Sil Lum Tao.

Its the first form because it sets the basic blueprint for moving forward and advancing within the Wing Chun System. He practiced the first form for over 40 minutes, before moving onto the Dummy. He spent an hour and a half practicing on the dummy and this, he realised after he had finished, truly allowed him to forget his dark thoughts as he allowed himself to become absorbed in the training.

When he stopped, he wiped the sweat from his brow and allowed himself to catch his breath. Now, he felt the welcome feeling of fatigue wash over him, prompting him his body wanted to sleep. He left the gymnasium made his way back to his quarters.

After a sonic shower, to wash away the sweat and relieve his muscles, he fell into his bed and allowed sleep to take him.


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